Tuesday, July 13, 2010

WE ARE RELOCATING! *please read*

Hey ya'll. unfortunately blogspot has come to a end, but we are relocating.
I've decided to keep things a little neat, organized, and convenient for everyone then flicking to one website to another.
it was fun while it lasted on blogspot, but don't worry. Our blogspot is still going to be up and running to direct people to our new location of the internet.

thanks again to everyone for looking/reading at this little corner of the world wide web.


Friday, June 18, 2010

brooklyn, ny

this guy busted his head for us during our set in Brooklyn, NY last night.
he bled for us; what a G.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

week one of east coast tour

What up yall. It's bin a little over a week now since we've bin on the road. So far it has bin very exciting. Hung out with good people and made new friends. Louisiana, Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia were amazing. Every show we played, we've gotten good feedback. Loading in and out of small venues/co-ops, heaving 100lbs speakers cabs through a flight of stares and cracked sidewalks. We couldn't be any more happier.
Flinging download cards, stickers, posters; spamming motherfuckers like we some bible beaters spreading the good word to door to door.. We smile and move on to our next targets. Devouring bowls of instant oatmeal & Ramon noodles with a re-filled water bottle from the tab. That's what bin up for over a week.

Right now; we're on our way to Brooklyn, NY. Never bin to NY so we're prepared for shitty parking and horrible, horrible traffic.


by the way; I'll post up photos after the tour.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Female Demand is going on their first East Coast Tour!
We are extremely excited for our trip to the unknown. Both of us fully prepared for survival on what little we can afford. I.E. Water & Ramon Noodles... Our "kickoff" is @ FPHSummerfest this Sunday @ the Dos Equise stage (11:30am) ... but any who.

I went out of my way to make these Tour edition CDs that include 2 EPs (Self-tited EP & EP). 8 body banging freak-out songs blanket under our famous human brain screenprint, Wallet size human brain sticker, Cover & Credits. Sealed with Elmer's Rubber Cement in a all black CD paper selves. These Hoes are NICE as hell. ($5), damnit. these babies will feed the fossil fuel consuming vehicle that we will be living in for the next 3 weeks... crammed with HEAVY HEAVY equipment with little room to stretch. 3,000 mile trip!
east coast, are you ready?

june 6 / FPH summerfest
june 8 / Sadie / Lafayette, LA
june 9 / HTGT warehouse / Baton Rouge, LA
june 10 / Banks St. Bar / New Orleans, LA
june 12 / Wonder Root / Atlanta, GA
june 15 / Dude Manch / Richmond VA
june 16 / Good-Bye-Blue-Monday / Brooklyn, NY
june 17 / Don Pedro / Brooklyn, NY
june 24 / Cranky's Manatee Bar / Cleveland, OH
June 26 / The Floating Laboratories / St. Louis, MI

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

House party//California//booking east coast tour//Video

This Friday, April 23rd will be a crazy ass House Party feat.
Swans will Attack
Female Demand
&, B L A C K I E
we will be performing @ some kids house in Katy Texas.
cover will be $3 to support the acts and it's BYOB!
(602 Airybrook Lane.)
Doors @ 8... Show @ 9pm!!

in other news, ......
Right now we're in the move of booking our tour.
so far we got down Lafayette, LOUIS. Atlanta, GEOR. Brooklyn, and Cleveland...
We're working our way up to the east coast and coming back down...
if you know anyone who lives in North Carolina, Washington D.C., NYC, Phillidelphia, or little rock, LET US KNOW!!! PLEASE!!!

...., also.
We got a gig lined up for California this coming May!
*May7th @ CKB w/ Coke on Animals, Tron...
| | | we're going to drive cross country no stops to California.
||no bullshit.

one last thing,

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yesterday @ practice . . .

Yup, another one on the wall. Cymbal number FIVE!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Houstonpress review on FD2 EP + late night gig friday night

Instrumental two-piece Female Demand keeps on trucking behind last year’s self-titled EP, which boasted production from Manny Nieto, who did time behind the boards with the Circle Jerks and HEALTH. The band’s two-piece sound is completely analog, harkening to Lightning Bolt and the late Death From Above 1979. Their live shows are hectic, sweat-drenched affairs full of kids spazzing out and dancing, making Female Demand’s shows some of the most fun in town.


, also we got a late night gig this friday @ this new afterhours bar
it's all ages and byob too.